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· The traditional Austrian restaurant, beergarden & romantic hotel in Wels ·

Hotel Gösserbräu welcomes you in Wels!

Our independently run restaurant and hotel sits in the city center of Wels, a small historic town in the heart of Upperaustria, known for its roman history. It is a unique combination of a small hotel and a traditional Austrian beer garden.

Enjoy our freshly tapped Gösser beer and oven warm pretzels in our beer garden on a warm breezy summer night!

Headlined by its signature beer Gösser Spezial, the beverage menu includes the best Austrian beers as well as, regional wines and trendy non-alcoholic drinks such as fruit juices from the region. The traditional Austrian cuisine influenced by Hungary, Bohemia and Italy goes well with a pint of Gösser beer. All our products are made with the freshest ingredients from local suppliers brought to the table daily.

The Hotel Gösserbräu is not only an attraction for tourists but also a meeting spot in town, where people enjoy the atmosphere in the beer garden with a chilled pint of beer underneath the old chestnut trees. During Christmas time from late November to late December the beer garden is transformed into a Christmas village. For more than ten years the "Gösser Biergarten Advent" Christmas market has attracted people from all over the Upper Austrian region. It is known for its signature hot punch, Bratwürstl and fire tons in the garden, where people stand around in order to keep warm.

Hours of


Daily from

10.00am to 12.00pm

Kitchen from

11:00am to 10:00pm

Closed on December 25th, 26th
and New Years Day.

Our daily menu

in our house

every day

from 11-14

Our Daily Specials

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Gösserbräu Wels - Hoamspü - Austropop mit Gefühl


Gastgarten Konzert am Samstag, den
12. Juli 2014

Die oberösterreichische Band "Hoamspü - Austropop mit Gefühl" bringt den wirklich klassischen Austropop, aber auch Klassiker des Salzkammergut-Austropops auf den  Gösser Gastgarten, und dies in 100%iger LIVE-Qualität!

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EcolabelOur company is certified with the Austrian Ecolabel.